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Daniel has recently graduated with First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Digital Media. He has worked with animation, graphic design, filmmaking and web development. He has also experimented with emerging technologies including VR and augmented reality.

Enjoy browsing through Daniel’s portfolio of work. Feel free to contact Daniel using his details below. 

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The Brief

The purpose of Major Project was that you completed something relevant to your future prospects, under these guidelines: 

  • Evaluate emerging technologies and current Digital Media practices through enquiry, Identifying and using appropriate technologies and opportunities for own professional practice.
  • Demonstrate understanding of professional practice, such as managing workloads and meeting deadlines, workingin groups, designing for specific audiences and communicating ideas.
  • React to the changing demands of autonomous research, making creative use of the unanticipated discoveries to take risks and create unexpected outcomes.
  • Ensure that audience research informs digital media outcomes in a coherent and professional way.
  • Experiment and take risks with the production and distribution of digital media content.
  • Engage in professional practice to produce a body of work that is confident and resolved.

Project Overview

For my Major Project, I wanted to create the concept behind a classic football match streaming platform. It is not something that currently exists, the area is of interest to me and I believe there is a potential gap in the market for this. There were many deliverables for this project; a brand identity - including a name and logo - an ident animation and a working web prototype.

I wanted to prove that I was adaptive and can work with a number of technologies, whilst challenging myself. I have previously worked with branding and animation, but have done little web development which is why I decided upon wanting to code a prototype.  To create a website, I discovered a JavaScript library called React and a database called Firebase by Google, which both were used to make this possible. 

Name and Logo I designed using Illustrator and Photshop.
XtraTime’s tagline.

Animated ident using the name/logo I designed. After Effects. 
Screenshot of my prototype’s ‘browse’ page. Click image to access.