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Daniel has recently graduated with First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Digital Media. He has worked with animation, graphic design, filmmaking and web development. He has also experimented with emerging technologies including VR and augmented reality.

Enjoy browsing through Daniel’s portfolio of work. Feel free to contact Daniel using his details below. 

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Pilot Project(s) Collection

The Brief

You will need to complete a total of three pilot projects, that you will devise yourselves, you can use any digital technique you wish and any subject you choose. You will have 2 weeks to complete each project. 

Project Overview

This was an opportunity at the beginning of my final year of study to experiment with new technologies. My first pilot project was a 1 second clip using a form of animation called Rotoscoping. This involved using a clip in the correct format to trace frame by frame. The second project was to create a mock re-brand for a local pub. The third project involved the use of Augmented Reality to view objects through your mobile device, but was not actually there. I came up with the idea to create a ‘Brewdog’ style product which I rendered as a 3D model in Adobe Dimension, and then used the app Aero to view it through my phone.

Rotoscope animation created in Animate.

Logo designed on Photoshop.
3D model I created in Photoshop and Dimension. This is able to be viewed on Aero on your mobile device in Augmented Reality.